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The Timken Early College High School was formed in 2005 when the Canton City Schools District (CCSD), Stark State College (SSC), the Canton Professional Educators Association (CPEA), and the Stark Education Partnership (SEP) came to together to make the establishment. The startup was provided by Bill Gates and the KnowledgeWorks Foundation. The goals of Early College are to welcome students of racial and ethnic minorities, low-income families, first generation college attendees, and/or English language learners to higher education. The vision of Early College is that every student of the Canton City Schools will achieve at high levels and graduate from high school prepared to enter the work force or college.


Timken ECHS is one of only sixteen Early College High Schools in Ohio and a little over two hundred across the nation. For Timken Early College High School (TECHS), the majority of the college coursework is taught by Stark State professors. TECHS students are held to very strict criteria of attendance, academics, and behavior. College tuition and textbooks are paid for by Canton City Schools, so the TECHS program is offered at no cost to students. TECHS operates out of the Early College High School building, which is located on the Timken Senior High School campus. Each student is given the opportunity to complete college courses and earn college credit that in turn awards them an Associate's Degree from Stark State College. The two degrees that can be chosen from are Associate's of Arts and Associate's of Science. Along with graduating with their Associate's Degree, TECHS students also graduate with a diploma from McKinley Senior High School. 


C.A.M.P. Vision



C.A.M.P. is designed to offer students a comprehensive business training and development program. We are committed to supporting the Early College vision of “College Ready” and “Career Ready”. Our goal is to provide students who exhibit talent and desire to succeed, a significant competitive advantage for employment and/or higher education. We pledge to nurture our students’ diverse talents through mentoring, career seminars, apprenticeships, networking, and serving the community.

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