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C.A.M.P. - C.A.S.T. Apprenticeship & Mentorship Program

­­Canton Early College High School is a program designed to provide the high school students of the Canton City School District access to college coursework and college readiness training while completing their four years of high school. The program is designed to serve those students normally underrepresented in higher education by welcoming students of racial and ethnic minorities, low-income families, first-generation college attendees and/or English language learners. CECHS has a diverse student body focused on a common goal: attending an institution of higher learning and completing a four-year degree. While in attendance at CECHS students will earn the credits necessary for high school graduation while concurrently enrolled at Stark State college. This partnership allows for the students to accumulate college credit hours toward the attainment of an Associate Degree. The college credit hours earned are selected for maximum transferability to institutions of higher learning so the students are in an advantageous position to successfully complete their four year degree with drastically reduced investments of time and money. Many CECHS students start college as a junior thereby opening the door to a variety of exciting options. Students attending CECHS are provided with a comprehensive support system along with rigorous and engaging coursework support system along with rigorous and engaging coursework. They are intentionally instructed in such a way to develop academic skills, social skills, patterns of behavior and other non-academic skills intended to demystify the college-going process and achieve maximum college readiness.


(Click for a complete list of courses taken by Early College Students)

C.A.M.P. is designed to offer students a comprehensive business training and development program. We are committed to supporting the Early College vision of “College Ready” and “Career Ready.” Our goal is to provide students who exhibit talent and desire to succeed, a significant competitive advantage for employment and/or higher education We pledge to nurture our students diverse talents through mentoring, career seminars, apprenticeships networking and serving the community

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