Current Students


Class of 2017

Jacob Bowling

Jacob Bowling is a junior at ECHS. He would like to go into business and IT.

Katelynn Leach

Katelynn Leach is a junior at ECHS that would like to be an anesthesiologist.

Donald Millard

Donald Millard is a junior at ECHS interested in being a medical engineer.

Makenzie Speicher

Makenzie Speicher, a junior in ECHS, is interested in becoming an orthopedic doctor.

Chelsea Wyant

Chelsea Wyant is a junior at ECHS.

Class of 2018

Courtney Dozier

Courtney Dozier is a junior at ECHS.

Paul Schauer

Paul Schauer is a junior at ECHS.

Madison Friel

Madison Friel is a junior at Hoover High School.

Rachel Schukert

Rachel Schukert is a junior at ECHS.

Meleah Nelson

Meleah Nelson is a junior at ECHS.

Debora Tessou

Debora Tessou is a junior at ECHS.

Zack Parkison

Zack Parkison is a junior at ECHS.

Jaeda Wayt

Jaeda Wayt is a junior at ECHS.