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  • Established in 2012, by the members of Glenmoor in association with the students of Early College High School and Early College Academy. Grades 7-12 

  • Students are selected to enter the program by their respective Principals, based on grades, community involvement, work ethic, and character. 

  • The Membership of Glenmoor understands their role, not only as an ‘employer’ but as a Mentor to these students, as they spend time with them. We establish relationships, learn about their dreams and goals, and give input to developing an action plan. 

  • Training takes place in the classroom and on the golf course. Each student /caddy goes thru 12 hours of training, and constant evaluation.

  • 20 student / caddies have come through the program. 4 of the student / caddies have secured part time employment at Glenmoor C.C.

  • A Caddy/Mentor Golf Scholarship event was established in 2012. Our first year we raised $20m targeted for scholarship aid for our student/caddies.

  • We as C.A.S.T. members have been blessed to have a role in these students lives.

John Sypek

Mobile- (717) 386-1709


Glenmoor Caddy Mentorship Program: 

A Brief Overview

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