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Arts and Humanities

What careers concern Arts and Humanities?

Careers falling under the umbrella of arts and humanities include jobs such as a photographer, educator, editor, graphic designer, fashion designer, historian, musician, writer, sociologist, and an artist.

Colleges in the Arts and Humanities field

Colleges that excell in the arts and humanities field include: 

  • Amherst College (MA)

  • Williams College (MA)

  • Swarthmore College (PA)

  • Bowdoin College (ME)

  • Middlebury College (VT)

  • Pomona College (CA)

  • The Ohio State University (Columbus)

  • Kent State Univerity (Kent)

What Does a Fine Arts Degree Get You? The Punch Line: Maybe a Job.

Daniel Grant- November 11, 2013

Think that art school dooms graduates to a life of unemployment? The numbers paint a very different picture. "Artists can have good careers, earning a middle-class income," says Anthony Carnevale, director of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce. "And, just as important and maybe more, artists tend to be happy with their choices and lives."

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